Flow-control silencer / expansion after control valves to reduce noise after choked flow of gases and vapours. In order to largely suppress cavitation / evaporation in liquid media and sound reduction.

  • Nominal diameter DN 50…250, NPS 2 “…10”
  • Nominal pressure PN 40…160, Class 300…900
  • Diffuser silencer from
  • P250GH comp. A105
  • 1.4571 comp. A316 Ti
  • 13CrMo44 comp. A355
  • Connection to pipe in DIN or ANSI
  • Suitable for operating temperatures up to 530 °C
  • System of two to four throttle plates
  • Including pipe expansion
  • Supplied ready to fit including the connecting elements
Flow control silencer

Flow control silencer

PdfFlow control silencer


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