The remarkable features of RTK products are durability and reliability in the industrial application.

Our experiences in the field of control engineering are having influence in the development and manufacturing of all our products.

The components are perfectly suited to each other. So you as an operating authority have the dependability that you need. This is not dependent on whether you are using valves, actuators, sensors or controllers of RTK.

Therefore if you are looking for a partner which has not only the competence and the quality, but also is showing innovations – now you have found him!

Control valves

A flow control valve regulates the flow or pressure of a fluid. Control valves normally respond to signals generated by independent devices such as flow meters or temperature gauges.


Electronic pressure-measuring station is used in heating and refrigeration systems, suitable for gases and liquids. A piezoresistive pressure sensor produces a pressure-proportional bridge voltage. This voltage is normalised to the corresponding measuring range and is given as a 4 – 20 mA signal.

Industrial process valves

Industrial process valve regulates the flow or pressure of a fluid. The pressure reducing valve is a self-operated regulator without auxiliary energy for controlling the downstream pressure to the adjusted set point.

Safety valves

Safety Valves are pressure relief devices actuated by inlet static pressure and characterised by rapid opening or “pop” action. Safety Valve equipped with a soft seat seals on both the metal and soft seats. Soft Seat Safety Valve can reduce costly downtime and repair costs.


Electric actuator for modulating/on/off control valves. Separate force and limit switch for both directions, Protection rating IP 65, valve position indicator, manual hand wheel, self-locking and stall-proof stop-motor.

Speciality valves

Steam-converting valves reducing the steam pressure while simultaneously cooling the steam. The steam pressure is reduced by a low noise perforated cone. The water is injected into the perforated cone from below to atomise effectively and independent of load.

Industrial process controls

Process controller & Switch Gears. The compact controllers with continuous output signal or switching output have been designed especially for space saving panel mounting.

Pressure vessels and tanks

The principle reason for the corrosion commonly found on mild steel boiler hot-wells and condensate pipework is the constant introduction of oxygen and carbon dioxide into the boiler feed-water. A properly designed pressurised de-aerator can bring the dissolved oxygen level to less than 0.02 ppm.

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